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Submitted on
October 13, 2009


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  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Ducktales
  • Reading: Breaking Dawn
  • Watching: My posts on TSDC
  • Playing: With my hair
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Pepsi
You are too stupid to comprehend on something that is wonderful as Ducktales.

It has a catchy theme song, DWD has some style, but a classic like Ducktales is wonderful.

Scrooge is based off of Dicken's Scrooge, but he does have some emotions beside his love for money. You haven't seen this show in a long time.

The only reason you love Darkwing Duck is all because DW is hott and you can't fuck an old man like Scrooge. I love both shows and would never choose between them.

Also, did you know, Darkwing Duck is a spin-off of Ducktales?

To Sony-Mae,
You're a BIATCH!!
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weasel-girl Nov 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Couldn't agree more. I found her contest between Ducktales and Darkwing Duck biased just like the contest of Margaret Mallord and her RoadRunner OC whoever the hell she is.

I happen to like both DWD and Ducktales even though I haven't seen Ducktales in a loong time.
LucyKB Oct 20, 2009   Digital Artist
And you're no better.
I wouldn't mind banging Scrooge. Also, the Rev and Tech slash, how does she KNOW that Rev and Tech are straight? So far, the only character in Disney that I know is gay is Lexington from Gargoyles. Who knows, maybe Rev and Tech are gay, friends, or they are straight. But Sony-Mae bitches about those who do slash pairings of them
LucyKB Oct 21, 2009   Digital Artist
It's called she has the right to
believe in whatever. If she thinks that two
people aren't straight, then that's what she thinks.
It's like you and your fangirlness towards Invader Zim.
Someone, even like *Sony-Mae, could pretty much bash you
back for liking Zim as if he was your soul mate.
I don't think he is my soul mate. I just happen to like the character. For Sony-Mae, she takes her characters way too seriously. But :iconsony-mae: bitches about people who made slash pairings of RevxTech. She even said that the artists are SICK PERVERTS!!! WTF!?!?!!!! To me, I think they are lovely together, as well as I believe that opposites attract which makes them a couple.
LucyKB Oct 21, 2009   Digital Artist
So? It's her opinion. We all have something or someone to bitch
about. Like you hating on another person. btw you might wanna read your FAQ's before you get reported.
And no, nobody is reporting you for indirect harassment, but for something
I am not harassing her, I just do my art of what I feel. Hate is art.
LucyKB Oct 22, 2009   Digital Artist
Whatever you say ♪
Thank you for sticking up for Sony-Mae and supporting her, LucyKB. I really appriciate it very much. *Hugs you*
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xMisaxAmane Oct 14, 2009  Student General Artist
Lol Bia. :D
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